Enter the Minecraft Online World

Enter the Minecraft Online World

Minecraft is basically a really popular video game involving removing blocks and building them again in to a shape or form that you like. For example, you could turn a block of wood into wooden planks, and then into sticks to make a pickaxe. However, Minecraft online is a type of experience where you can control almost everything with no rules to think about, so you are actually free to manipulate the whole gameplay.

One thing you need to know about playing Minecraft online is that it has different types of game modes that you can choose from, depending on how you want to experience the game. When you start the game, you will be asked what type of game mode would you like to be in and usually you can choose from survival, creative, adventure and spectator. In the Survival Mode, which is one of the most common choice game players have, you need to survive basically since you have your own health and hunger bar to be mindful of. Unfortunately, there is also death in this game mode, while you also have to craft your tools in order to break some blocks and also cook different types of food so that you don’t starve to death. When night time comes on this mode, hostile mobs may visit you such as zombies and spiders. In order for you to live through the following day, you should be able to build a small shelter right away as soon as you start playing the game.

Another popular game mode would be the creative, no hunger or health bar to worry about in this mode, not even an oxygen bar when you go underwater. All you have to do is to gather all the materials that you need in order to build something great. You have unlimited resources of blocks that you can break as well as cheats in order to speed up your projects and most of all, you have the ability to fly around your world which is really interesting.

Gaming Made Interesting with New Arrivals in the Play Store

Gaming Made Interesting with New Arrivals in the Play Store


Most of us here are mad for games that may be played online or offline. We are game freaks that keep waiting for a new game to be launched in the market as without much delay, we either download the app or play them online or do both, of course depending on the situation. Hungry Shark Evolution is a very popular game, which was released in 2012 by the Future Games of London (FGOL). The game is all about making or collecting money by going online.

The game consists of numerous playable sharks where each shark is assigned a set of missions, which gives the player different surprising rewards when completed. The shells are scattered across the playing map, which should be discovered before the beginning of any mission milestones are completed. Hungry Shark Evolution cheats can really help your gaming experience within this game. This game consists of other menus too that let the layers check upon and track the growth of the sharks as and when they start accomplishing their goals one by one. There is a EVOLVE menu that lets the player check up on the sharks and their growth i.e. their strength of bite, capacity of boosting and of course their swirling speed in the depth of the sea. New sharks can be purchased from this menu and we can learn about all the sharks. The ACCESSORY shop allows you to purchase the accessories and to equip, un-equip or toggle with the accessories to play. The TOP SECRET LAB is another menu, which can be unlocked only when the milestone in the game is reached. In this you can view your top secret sharks that have special powers and their growth will not be saved; and many more. The game sounds more interesting as the levels are crossed and the players have their fun in the deep sea.

Kid’s Birthday Parties

Kid’s Birthday Parties

I’ve been looking over the internet on finding ways how to celebrate kids’ birthday the extra ordinary way. For both girls and boys, the usual would be at a restaurant where in you dine with friends and family and then some magic shows and games for the kids as their activity. However, I find it so typical for most parents that I wanted to think of something new and exciting.

Tea parties for girls are on trend now, which is something that you might consider if you have a daughter who’s celebrating her birthday soon. Girls just love the idea of playing with their tea party cups so why not make it the theme for her birthday. This party theme could also be done at a garden or your backyard, no need to go somewhere else or even rent a place so it’s going to be cheaper for sure, just make sure to let them dress fancy for the event.

Another great idea would be a spa party, and yes, it’s for the kids. Did you notice that nail salons not only caters to the adult women but their kids too. This is because mom finds it as another way to spend time with their daughters and not just leave them at home when they need a quick fix.

For boys, water toys are very popular and still the most popular theme for parties. All you need is a backyard set up with tables and chairs, good food and lots of water guns and water bombs for them to play with, and believe me, the adults seem to enjoy them too.  Another idea though would be a gaming party. Boys love to play with the computer nowadays so how about you set up a theme of their favorite game and let them play with it. For example let them play Minecraft for free online and fill the venue with Minecraft banners and some merchandise that you can buy on almost all play stores. Minecraft sells swords and pickaxes made of foam, for sure they would love it too.

Do You Need Criminal Case Hacks?

Do You Need Criminal Case Hacks?


When you’re out of energy in Criminal Case and you just can’t work on anything, especially when you are about to catch a murderer, what should you do? If you have a Facebook account, you probably have received a lot of requests from this game to send energy to your friends and maybe you need them too.

Playing the game and finding the real culprit requires you to have a lot of energy to use; this is why most of us look for a Criminal Case hack generator so that we don’t have to wait for hours in order to restore our energies full. Purchasing juices, snacks and burgers are quite pricey actually even more when you need to add coins.

The criminal case hack that I’m using is quite simple to follow and I don’t have to download anything, all I do is just enter the numbers and hit submit. I was one of the last people among my friends to download the game but now, I’m ahead to most of them. A detective doesn’t always share his information unless he has sufficient evidence to prove it, so when they knew about it, we we’re all busy fighting crimes together.

X-Men Legends Review

X-Men Legends Review


A production powerhouse in the world of comics, Marvel Comics was responsible for Heroes such as Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four etc. but one of their most successful creations comes in the form of the X-men, a mutant superhero team with many incarnations in the comic world, as well as spawning 2 movies and a multitude of games. X-men: Legends is the latest addition to the Marvel gaming stable.


X-men: Legends sees you leading the X-men against The Brotherhood, who are on the move while at the same time, hostilities between mutants and humans are growing rapidly; with the Sentinels being used in increasing numbers. This puts increasing pressure on the team as there are only so many X-men and way too many situations to deal with. It is up to you to guide the X-men to success in the many endeavours you’ll encounter in this game.

The characters are definitely nice to look at; they seem to be a blend of cel-rendering and 3D rendering; although if you’ll notice the Xmen’s costumes, they resemble their movie counterparts with the sleek leather and ultra modern look. Some of the X-men also look very different in this video-game offering; Beast actually looks more like a blue colored human rather than a primate and Jean Grey had her hair cut for some apparent reason. Not that it’s a bad thing, its just interesting to see the developer’s new take on said characters. Magneto and his brotherhood look as bad (not in a bad way!) as ever, their designs are more faithful to their comic incarnations, although Toad is the exception to the rule as he looks like some two-bit punk.

Xmen: Legends definitely runs smoothly on the XBOX as the animation is well defined and framerate is at an optimum level. The different movements of each character are a testament to the good animation work done by the developer on this title. Although the animation definitely runs nicely, there is still an issue with speed, as when you’re playing this game you’ll wish that it were a tad faster.

The X-Mansion, the streets of New York, the Morlock tunnels, the Weapon X Facility and the European Sentinel factory are just some of the places that you’ll see in Xmen: Legends. Also cel-rendered, each level has its own style, ensuring no monotony in the visuals as you progress. The overall level design is definitely excellent in this game, as different places require different methods of navigation and usage of Mutant Powers. The environment is also highly interactive; although not everything can be broken, rest assured a lot of the things found in the levels can be destroyed; with certain things giving out health packs or energy packs. A good rule of thumb is to always have Iceman with you as there’ll be many occassions when an ice-bridge is needed. The environment is also very interactive, try not to get too carried away with destroying anything and everything in sight!

The controls in X-men: Legends aren’t very intuitive and require somewhat of a learning curve. The basic attack/melee button is “A”, the jump button is “Y”, the “X” button for interaction with objects makes that button arguably the most intuitive as a lot of games use that button as a default for interaction. The Right trigger brings up the mutant ability screen and depending on which button you push, the character performs the chosen ability. Once you get the hang of it though, it shouldn’t be too hard, with the occassional slip-up that is.

X-men: Legends is defined as an RPG, and like in all RPGs, it is a pre-requisite that the characters must level up. This upgrades their current power levels, as well as letting you choose which of their mutant abilities to progress. One example is Wolverine, where you can either upgrade his Claw Slash, Beserk Fury or Healing Factor, among other things. The levelling-up game mechanic definitely adds depth to the game, and as you go along, the opponents also become harder, in accordance with your characters’ overall abilities.

Its always a joy when the developer goes to extra lengths to make sure that each character is unique from the other, and in X-men: Legends, this is definitely the case. When you come to the character selection screen, you must think carefully as to which mutant suits which mission. They all have very unique powers, which can be advantageous in some situations and quite the opposite in others. A general tip is to make sure you have Iceman and Wolverine handy, because a lot of bridges need to be built with Iceman and Wolverine’s Beserk Fury and Healing Factor definitely give you the edge over hordes. Another good character to have around is Cyclops, but that’s depending on which ability you concentrate on, as Cyke is highly dependent on distance. Jean Grey can also be very helpful, as her telekinetic powers can operate levers at a distance which other characters cannot reach normally.

There is a heavy emphasis on teamwork in X-men: Legends as each team member interacts differently with each other. An example of an interaction can be seen in Colossus and Wolverine, let’s say you were controlling Colossus, approach Wolverine and press the “X” button, Colossus then proceeds to pick up Wolverine and throw him a.k.a. The Fastball special. Another example is when you have a flying character like Rogue pick up a team mate and fly them around. Its examples like those which give the game a lot of depth, as you’ll definitely be needing the different abilities and interactions in order to get past certain obstacles.

When you’re playing X-men: Legends initially, you’ll find that the opponents you encounter are not the sort that game developers just happen to throw in, they’re actually quite difficult, especially as you get used to distancing and the controls. As stated before, the more the game progresses and the more your characters level up, the opponents also seem to get a lot stronger, providing quite a challenge without being too frustrating.

As stated before, X-men: Legends is heavily oriented in teamwork and as so, there’s a multiplayer option available. What multiplayer constitutes in this game is a couple of people pressing start and hopping right into the action. This definitely makes for a seamless transition from single-player into multiplayer mode. Although if you have a couple of friends over, the missions involving the X-man Magma can become quite boring, as you all will want the action to come very soon. It goes the other way though, there’s a player control screen, where if someone wants to stop playing, you can de-activate their controls so their character is free to either be controlled by you or the A.I.

It is an absolute joy to take the field with some friends in X-men: Legends as the gameplay does not slow down and the framerate does not drop at all, making for some pretty intense battles. The camera work is also good as it zooms out the further you are apart. But its always better to stick together and pit 2 characters against an opponent in order to get the advantage.

The instense battles that come out of X-men: Legends definitely give rise to bone-crunching soundeffects and tense pre-battle build-ups. The soundeffects are definitely utilised to full effect and throughout a large scale battle, a lot of the sounds are actually clearly heard and mesh well with each other, making the battle seem a lot bigger than what it is.

Vicarious Visions have definitely gone for the minimalist approach when it comes to the music in this game. The sublime soundtrrack gives way to the soundeffects to great effect. The music in this game definitely serves to enhance to mood and atmosphere and definitely does not come off annoying.

The voice acting in X-Men: Legends is quite good. Wolverine definitely sounds like his cartoon counterpart and although a lot of the X-men sound different to what you would remember them in the classic animation series, the actors definitely add their own touch to them. The villains also have their own unique malice added to them through the effective use of talented voice actors.

X-men: Legends is being the RPG title that it is, is quite a lengthy game. There are missions of all sorts found within its framework and it will take you a number of gameplay hours in order to finish it. The mulitplayer aspect gives it even more longevity if you’re the type to want to team up with people and lay the smackdown on hapless opponents.

X-men: Legends is definitely recommended for those comic fans out there, who were waiting for a quality game featuring their heroes. It is definitely hours of fun and will even suit those casual gamers who love a good fight on their hands.

Jacob’s Wheel

Jacob’s Wheel

We all start the cyclic journey at precisely the same point, and travel through the cycles at the same speed. That said, everyone will have different experiences during the progression of the cycles based on their natal horoscope and their own personal circumstances and evolution. For the most precise interpretations Jacob’s Wheel should be used in conjunction with your natal chart. Jacob’s Wheel astrology is also very accurate when used on its own, so an accurate birthchart is by no means an integral part of the system – it will merely fine tune the interpretation. The illustration above shows the structure of the Master Mandala, each of the 21 spheres contain another complete mandala. The only one that does not is the central sphere. If you click on the mandala image a new window will open displaying the full astrological Master Mandala. Detailed articles  in the menu on the left will (I hope) explain the basics of how this wonderful system works. The articles get a little more complex the further down the menu you get. If you do get stuck at any point then feel free to email me with any questions you may have and I’ll do my best to help.

There are seven main cycles that we use and these are of varying importance. The shortest (and therefore most obvious) cycle is the 147 day cycle. This is the easiest cycle to work with because it’s energies manifest themselves most clearly in the form of 8 hour phases. In contrast the longest master cycle, the 147 year master cycle, has individual phases that are 4 months long, the current from this energy is concerned with long-term life influences rather than the day-to-day influences of the 8 hour phases. When you first start out with Jacob’s Wheel it’s advisable to just follow your 8 hour phases, once you start doing this you’ll discover that not only are they very accurate but it’s also a lot of fun.

The effects of the cycle and phase need to be observed and married together with the numerological influence of the spoke to create an overall picture of how the energies will manifest in your life. The other consideration to be taken into account is the placement of the archetypal energy (ie which house the planet or sign resides) in the person’s natal chart, this is a quite advanced technique and not recommended for anyone just starting out.

In the main you just need to examine the combination of archetypes that are presented to you. For example a Leo-Mercury phase could indicate that travel or communications within the family would be highlighted, or perhaps assertive communications or an element of pride, ego or intellect. When you start to use Jacob’s Wheel this is the kind of thing to observe. Looking at where your Leo and Mercury are placed in your natal chart would give you additional focus if you are interested, particularly the house that they are in. For instance if your Leo was in the 1st house then the energy would be more likely to address you and your personal identity, if it was in the 6th house work would probably feature. (E.g. communications with your family about your work.) These are just quick and non-specific examples to demonstrate how Jacob’s Wheel works. By knowing how the energy will manifest in a your day or week, you can plan beneficial times to undertake activities or be more prepared for potential tensions.

Having studied and used this system daily for a considerable length of time I know it works. The system is very accurate but can appear complex for beginners. If you start with the basics you can build this it over a period of months if you want, or you can stick to working with your 8 hour phases and still gain much benefit and insight.

The Cycles That Makes Us Who We Are

The Cycles That Makes Us Who We Are

The moon, the seasons, tides, everything we experience in the natural world is cyclic; our Earth is in every sense a living planet. Likewise, the mechanism of the solar system is cyclic also; with the planets, moons, stars and asteroids each having their own cycles and all forming part of the greater cycle of the solar system. The universe is a living element in the great scheme of creation, and we too are part of that scheme, part of The Divines great cycle of creation. Humanity is the butterfly of the universe; through our repeated incarnations on this planet our soul gradually undergoes the spiritual metamorphosis needed to reunite us with the divine essence of creation.

We each have our own personal connection to the universe, whether we are aware of it or not. To acknowledge and actively seek to strengthen that connection is to open the doors that lead us to discover our true path. If we have the courage or natural curiosity to pick them up, the tools to achieve this are all around us. We each hold the key to our own spiritual destiny, if we take a little time to explore it, our world will change forever.

The aim of this site is to introduce people to the different ways that they can incorporate these cycles into their lives, whether through traditional astrology, Jacob’s wheel astrology, numerology, crystals, magick or other esoteric, spiritual and metaphysical ways.

With that in mind not only are there are lots of articles on a variety of subjects that I hope you will find of interest. The site itself also contains a number of free features such as our daily tarot, daily rune and hexagram of the day , your free daily horoscope, Chinese astrology sign, astrology wheel and much more. In addition to the free sevices more comprehensive astrology and numerology reports can be purchased for very reasonable prices. If you get lost, there is a very good site map at the foot of all the main section pages, or if you have any questions or suggestions then please feel free to contact me. The contents on this site are all simply tools that allow us to look a little more deeply at ourselves and begin to understand the energies around us and unlock our own potential. Life should be an adventure, a journey where new insights open new doors and challenges are fun and exciting. Light of Isis is a growing online community that allows you to do just that.


As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below

As a huge Tool fan, I really love Lateralus. There is a verse in the lyrics that mentions “as above, so below,” which describes the Oneness of existence.  It demonstrates the unity between the spiritual and the physical, between the macrocosm and the microcosm, between the realities on either side of the Veil of Isis.

Metaphysics is the study of the mechanics of the universal energy that surrounds us, guides us and gives us life itself. It allows us to draw upon the divine power of the cosmos by becoming a tool for exploration of our own inner essence. By learning how to harmonise our being with that of the cosmos we become attuned to the universal currents and the natural laws that these currents effect. This is a process that exists beyond our accepted physical limitations and brings forth a change in our consciousness, in the very core of our being. Metaphysics involves rediscovering our inner essence and rebalacing our own lightbody. The key to the universe, the elusive philosophers stone lies hidden deep within us all waiting to be rediscovered by mankind on an individual basis.

By allowing synchronicity – an expression of the cosmic principals, to be our guide, by learning to ‘let go’, by relinquishing the ego and allowing ourselves to give and receive unconditional love, we begin to attune ourselves to the frequency of the cosmos. Once we break free of the chains of attachment and dogma, we allow our soul to realise its true potential. When the creative impulse is harnessed, the absolute power of the intuitive feminine aspect begins to be realised. We each need to adjust our own cosmic frequencies in order to elevate our consciousness to a higher state. It is our consciousness that effectively creates the ‘reality’ of the holographic matrix humanity operates within.